Yajju, A short film by Livon

Yajju is a short film that reflects the feelings of love nested within the semi-urban communities in Nepal. A concept was developed which would do justice to natural/realistic virtue of love, local Nepalese background, and relatable characters and be out of the clutter. The story spans the idea of unconditional Love. The background is set in an old town of Khokana.The film is local with native treatment. Hence, the story reaches out to new-larger mass. The film created the platform to reach out to the people who have so far considered Livon as a brand too evolved for them.

The core objective was to create empathy level towards the brand via characters and story, to make the audience embrace the brand as their own and create aspiration factor accordingly.

  • Client: Livon
  • Date: 29,Dec, 2018
  • Category: Videos